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Nolting Manufacturing, which is known worldwide for bringing you the original hand guided quilting machine, has been in business since 1984.
IntelliQuilter is a computer controlled quilting system.  The IQ has all the functions and operating modes that help the operator compose and quilt high quality custom quilts.
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As people upgrade their equipment it leaves a supply of used equipment to move into the hands of new care takers. For some it might be the quilter that is ready to quit man handling quilts on their sewing machine and want to get into midarm or longarm quilting.  For others they will upgrade and like the value of the gently used and refurbished machine or frame.

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Here is a picture of the back of the tablet. We are using the Sony Vaio laptop with detached keyboard. It was about $550 at Best Buy.
The robotics are connected to the tablet with a full size USB cable. I am sure you can use an adapter if your tablet only has a mini USB port.
Precision Stitcher will work on almost any Nolting longarm that is 24" or shorter, has stitch regulator and a current style commercial frame. The price will be $8900 with an introductory period price of $7900. Plus any delivery and set up cost. The discount can be thought of as the reward for working with us as we develop the supply and work through any unforeseen challenges that may come up. We appreciate and want to reward the early adapters and loyal Nolting owners for being our customer.
The software runs on any Windows 7 or 8 tablet [full version not RT] This allows you to choose your screen size and cost or you may already own one.
The video I shot with my phone was during the Chantilly, VA show. We were showing our demo. It is fun to use. It is not the world's top of the line but feedback told us that a system with 90% of the features and a mid range price is what most customers wanted. Precision Stitcher is all of that.
The systems are planned to be available sometime around the end of July. Contact Nolting or your
Nolting dealer if you have more questions or want to be among the first to get one.